Having a website is essential for authors to connect with their readers, keep them up to date on their latest book news and appearances, and to get readers to sign up to be part of your database.  So what are the essential elements that should be included on an author’s website?  Here’s what every author’s website should have:

  • Home Page
  • Place to Buy Your Books– include an easy way to buy your book either directly from your site or by linking to the Amazon or other eCommerce site for your book
  • Mailing List Sign-Up- entice readers to be added to your database by offering a free “gimme” (a free short story or other fun giveaway) to get them to sign up for your mailing list
  • Testimonials & Reviews– if you get a great review by a fellow author in your genre, be sure to add it to your website.  You might just gain some of that author’s readers too!
  • Author Events & News- use this to promote signing events, book tours, release dates and other interviews and events you have planned
  • Author Bio & Contact Info
  • Blog- share author news, writing tips, contests, and fun anecdotes here to further connect with your readers
  • Book Excerpt- be sure to include Table of Contents!

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