IMG_1008Let Certified Virtual Author Assistant (VAA), Chelsea Klepfer, create a Book Bible for your novel or series to help you keep track of your stories and characters.

What is a Book Bible?

A Book Bible is a document (usually an Excel worksheet) that helps an author track their characters,  locations mentioned in your novel or series, and quotes that can be used for marketing purposes.

Recommended Fields:

  • Character Name: First, Middle, Last & Maiden
  • Character Date of Birth
  • Character Appearance: Hair, Eyes, Height, Other Physical Attributes
  • Character Personality
  • Character Marital Status & Anniversary Date
  • Connected Characters: Spouse, Children, etc.
  • Character Occupation
  • Character Hobbies/Interests, Other
  • Locations *Good for books set in fictional towns
  • Quotes to use for marketing purposes

How much will a Book Bible cost me?

Your custom Book Bible can be created for just $0.75 per page OR $0.50 per page for a series of 3 books or more. Half of the total cost will be billed in advance, the other half will be billed upon the deadline agreed on by the author and VAA.

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